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SeriesUltrasonic Transducers(level transducer) 

Applicationsultrasonic level and distance measurement etc.

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Detail Introduction

UItrasonic  Sensor (liquid level meter/material instrument)

The transducer emits the ultrasonic pulse, which is reflected by the liquid surface and received by the same sensor. We can calculate the distance from the sensor to the liquid surface by the interval time between the emission and reception of the acoustic wave. Due to the adoption of non-contact measurement, the ultrasonic level meter can be widely used in the height measurement of both the liquid and solid materials, not limited to the kind of media.

Main Features and Parameter:

Part NumberUA3S30
Frequency45, 50, 55, 60kHz (typ.)
Test Distance2~20 meters
Packages size and detailscan be customized

For fast evaluation, please refer to Texas Instrument evaluation board to match with our transducers or 

discs: https://www.ti.com/tool/EVM430-FR6043

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