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SeriesUltrasonic Humidifier Components

Applications industrial nebulizer, humidifier etc.

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Detail Introduction

The industrial atomization components generate high- frequency vibrations by hundred of millions times per second from the excitation signal of the electronic circuit. On one hand the capillary gravity wave is generated on the surface of the liquid, and the droplets fly out of the standing wave. On the other hand,the tiny bubbles inside the liquid vibrate, gather and collapse in the presence of ultrasonic field, and micro-jet eject ultratine liquid particles at a extremely high speed, the size of which is only a few microns.

Industrial atomization component possesses many advantages like fine mist particles, high integration, small size, high energy conversion efficiency, large amount of produced fog per unit of time and low noise. What's more, due to its low water quality requirements, it can bring about dustfall and humidification in the workshop and office. Besides, It can also be applied in the preservation of chilled fresh food, the cultivation of edible fungus, and the atomization of indoor and outdoor landscape.

Main Parmenters:

Model NumberUA1S30、UA3S30
Input VoltageDC48V(Regulator)
Input Power34W(UA1S30)/150W(UA3S30)
Single Head Automization Volume≥1kg/Hr
Service Life≥3000小时hours
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