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Series:Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Transducers

Applications:ultrasonic water meter, heat meter,flow meter

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Detail Introduction

Ultrasonic flow transducer is the core component of ultrasonic flowmeter, which is a kind of liquid medium ultrasonic transducer. It can be used for the measurement of liquid flow and water heating system, and it can also be used as a liquid level sensor. Our transducer can be directly in contact with the liquid with the PPS and PEEK engineering plastic design,avoiding the instability of pressure and heat resistance. Therefore,the performance of our product is more stable , reducing the environmental influence towards emitting and receiving of signals, thus improving the response sensitivity.

Main Applications and Parameters

• Flow Metering

• Water Heating Metering

• Underwater Level Detection

• Liquid Concentration Sensing

• Ultrasonic Leak Detection

• Clamp-on Ultrasonic Water Metering

Part NumberPSC
BandwidthNominal Frequency 10%~15%(MHz)
Customized availabe

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For fast evaluation, please refer to Texas Instrument module: https://www.ti.com/tool/EVM430-FR6047

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