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Jiakang Electronics was shortlisted as “Little Giant Enterprise”

On July 19th, 2021,We Zhejiang Jiakang Electronics successfully shortlisted in the third batch of Professional, Intensive, Specialized and Innovative "Little Giant Enterprises" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The honorary title is the highest ranking and most authoritative one in the national assessment of small and medium-sized enterprises organized by the Ministry. These leading enterprises focus on niche market with powerful innovation ability, core technologies, high market shares, and provide with excellent quality and efficiency. The title "Little Giant Enterprises" recognizes our decades of dedication and focus on our main business.

Jiakang Electronics will continue to take the development concept—"Striving, Innovation, Responsibility", focus on electronic ceramic materials and components, and persevere with the excellence-oriented "craftsman spirit" to innovate and improve quality in order to provide better products and services for our worldwide customers.


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